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A Short and Incomplete History of Troop 102 
 College Station Texas
By Dr. Charles E. Magnuson
(Written: January 27, 2010)

I have been interested in the History of Troop 102 since I became involved with the Troop about 20 years ago. Ralph D. McCormick, a long time Scouter with the Arrowmoon District, was writing a history of the District and shared with me the fact that Troop 102 was one of the first Scout Troops in College Station. Ralph died in the early 90’s before he completed his history. I have not been able to find his notes or manuscript. Much of the information I have found was taken from The Eagle of Bryan-College Station, The Kiwanis Club of College Station Board Meeting Minutes, Walter H. Parsons III e-mail, several copies of early Charter Applications given me by Mike Greer, an Arrowmoon Camp Trustee, and from notes in my files and notes I found in Sam Houston Area Council files before they were destroyed. I hope to be able to fill in the gaps with information provided by those who were involved as scouts and leaders in the Troop 102 as well as their children and grandchildren. (I would grateful if anyone has any information, if they would contact me at PO Box 9188, College Station, TX 77842-9188, Phone (979) 696-5317, or E-mail

The beginnings of Troop 102 can be traced back to Troop 1, which was organized in October 1923 by a group of citizens. Luther G. Jones was the first Scoutmaster with J. R. Hopkins as ASM. There were 30 boys and five Committee Members.
On May 15, 1931, an Application for Charter for New Troop was filed with the National Council in New York by a group of five citizens for Troop 1 to become Troop 102. The Scoutmaster was H. E. Burgess and the Committee Chairman was F. L. Thomas.
The Troop was chartered for a second year with the Charter and Certificates mailed on October 10, 1932. F. L. Thomas was now Scoutmaster. There were 7 returning scouts and 5 new scouts. For a short time there was a Brazos Council with Headquarters in Navasota, TX.
The records show that an "Application for Charter for New Troop" was filed with the National Council in New York by a group of citizens for Troop 1 (102) of the Houston Council on August 14, 1934. There were a total of 10 boys on the application ranging in age from 12 to 17, with 6 of the boys having a uniform.

An Application for Renewal of Troop Charter was filed for Troop 102 by the Bryan Rotary Club on September 30, 1935 by Rev. L.A. Wilson. The Troop meetings were held at the YMCA Cabin on Friday nights. The Committee Chairman was M. C. Hughes. There were now 25 Scouts in the Troop with 21 having uniforms.

On October 16, 1937, the Application for Renewal of Troop Charter was approved by W. B. Cline, President of the Rotary Club. There were now 22 Scouts with 21 having uniforms. L.S. Paine was Scoutmaster (??). 

L. S. Paine was the Scoutmaster in April 1938, as stated in the following article’s from The Bryan Eagle. 
"Scout Troop 102, College Station, went on an overnight hike to the Scout Camp Arrowmoon Saturday. Scoutmaster L. S. Paine led the group. of 15 boys in fun and Scout work. A treasure hunt and games was the 'Program Saturday afternoon, while initiation of new members was the high point Saturday night. A feature` of the hike was a Nature study trip early Sunday morning, led, by Dr. Walter P. Taylor. The weather man played a prank and turned cold, frost showing on some of the blankets Sunday morning. The boys cooked all their meals individually and vied with each other in variety and tastiness. Scouts attending were: Martin Hughes, Jr., Bobby Hughes, Jim Bonnen, Jim Gabbard, Jim Yarnell, K. B. Reynolds, Jr., John Matlock, Henry Fulgham, Benton Taylor, D.D. White, Jr., Rufus White, Robert Paine, Richard Callender, Linton Robertson, Jr., Joe Orr.
F. H. Reynolds, Sr., and Dr. Walter P. Taylor also enjoyed the outing. Additional transportation use provided by Mrs. S. H. Yarnell and Mrs. R. K. Callender."
(BRYAN EAGLE, Sunday April 5, 1938).
Later the same month the following story appeared in the BRYAN EAGLE.
"College Scouts Win High Rating in 1st Camporee  
Troop 102 of College; with L.S. Paine as Scoutmaster, received an "A" Standard rating at the first annual camporee held in Sue Haswell Memorial Park Saturday. Troop 80 with D.C. Jones, Jr. as Scoutmaster; Troop 81 with Harem Downard as Scoutmaster and Troop 83 with Chris Nelson as 8coutmaster, all received a "B" Standard Rating. Troop 148 with one boy participating did the unbelievable thing of winning a "C" Standard rating for his troop. L. J. McGee was Troop 148's representative. The troop sponsored by the Episcopal. church had Sam Congolosa as its representative in firebuilding, receiving a. score of 85 in that event.  
The total score of the troops was as follows: Troop 80, 869; Troop 81, 803; Troop 83, 827; Troop 102, 909; and Troop 148, 487.
Troop 80 made the following scores: Fire building, 90; cooking, 89; attendance, inspection and re-view of Scouting formations, 89; splicing, 70; signaling, 95; nature study, 85; tents pitching, 93; mystery event, 91; bird study, 85; knot tying, 77.
Troop 81's scores were: Fire building, 75; cooking, 90; splicing, 70; attendance, inspection and re-view of Scouting formation?s, 91; signaling, .70; nature study, 80; tent pitching, 80; mystery event, 81; bird
study, 81; knot tying, 85.        
The scores of Troop 83 for each! event was: Fire building, 87; cooking, 88; attendance, inspection, and review of Scouting formations, 92; splicing, 70; signaling, 70; nature study, 80; tent pitching, 83; mystery event, 95; bird study, 85; knot tying, 77.
'Troop 102 had the following scores: Fire building, 75; cooking, 95; attendance, inspection and Scouting formations, 88; splicing, 85; signaling, 100; nature study, 90; tent pitching, 90; mystery event, 92; bird study, 92.; knot tying, 102.
Troop 148's scores were: Fire building. 85; attendance, inspecting and Scouting formations, 70; nature study, 78; mystery-event, 96; bird study, 70, and knot tying; 88. 
The following helped with the meet: M. C. Hughes, D. L.Wilson, J. Coulter Smith, Sam Crenshaw, R. W. Moreland, Rev. L.A. Wilson. Dr. W. H. Andrew, Major J.W. Rice, Major L.S. Stickney, Capt. D.T. Johnson. Dr. R.G. Reeves, R.C. Cloud, J. E. Blair, W.R Thomas, G.W. Orms, D.C. Jones, Jr., L.S. Paine, Hiram Downard, E.M. Regenbrecht and C. W. West.
District Chairman M.C. Hughes, and Field Executive C.W. West said they felt that there had been much value in the meet and that subsequent camporees would be entered with a great deal of enthusiasm as a result of the first event. The awards to the troops will be presented as the next Court of Honor." (BRYAN EAGLE, Sunday, April 24, 1938)
Troop 102’s first Eagle Scout was Linton Robertson, Jr. as shown in the following article was from the Bryan Eagle dated February 10, 1938.
"Many Honors Awarded Boy Scouts of Bryan and College at Court In Hearne; Next at A & M College
In the Boy Scout Court of Honor last Monday evening in Hearne the Five-Year Veteran?s badge was conferred upon Martin C. Hughes, Sr., district chairman of the Bryan-College Boy Scouts; the Eagle badge as recommended to the National Court of Honor for Scout Linton Robertson, Jr., and the Palm honor was conferred upon Edward Bush of Troop 8."   
A Group of Citizens, A. C. Magee as Chairman, filed the "The Application for Renewal of Troop Charter" for Troop 102 of the Sam Houston Area Council on October 6, 1943. Troop 102 was now meeting at the A&M Museum. Manning Smith was Scoutmaster.  
The Kiwanis Club of College Station was founded in 1946 and became the sponsor of Troop 102.
Walter H. Parsons III provided the following information in an E-mail dated January 7, 2003.
"Dave, Don and I joined Troop 102 in August 1948, I joined Explorer Post 395 in late 1950 and we moved to Germany in December 1951.
Cleo. W. (Bill) Manning was Scoutmaster, at that time. Mr. Manning was Associate Professor of Agronomy in the Cotton Section of the Agronomy Department, The Agricultural Experiment Station and USDA. [Consequently several of the Troop 102 scouts worked in the cotton fields during the high school summers.] He moved to Mississippi in April 1949 (?). A newspaper article stated, "For several years Manning has been scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 102. This troop is sponsored by the College Station Kiwanis Club. . . . ." Mr. Manning is listed in my 1994 A & M Directory. 
 Dr. George W. "Chief" Rivers was ASM and SM after the departure of Mr. Manning. "Chief" (a native American) also worked in the Agronomy Department. I recall that he may have been the SM through the mid-1950?s. I see in my A & M Directory that he is now deceased.
-- A Brazos District, Annual Meeting Program, dated 2 Jan 1951, shows Mr. Manning as SM and Chief Rivers as ASM.
-- A news paper article (no date, but probably the summer of 1950 or „51), stated "Acting Scout Master George W. Rivers, research instructor in agronomy, will be in charge of the outing (a three day camping trip to the Llano River). . . ."
-- As you can see, there is some confusion concerning the actual date of transition. As I recall, there was!
William David Parsons and Dayton Moses III received their Eagle Scout Badges in late 1950.
From a newspaper article (probably Bryan Daily Eagle): "Two Eagle Scouts Named Sunday at Court of Honor. Dayton Moses and David Parsons, Boy Scout Troop 102 of College Station, were awarded the Eagle Scout rank at the Brazos District Boy Scout Court of Honor Sunday afternoon at the Memorial Student Center. At the court of honor, which was the fourth
and last for the year of 1950. . . ." 
 According to Sam Houston Council records, David Parsons and Dayton Moses were listed as members of Post 395 when they received their Eagle. It was not uncommon for a boy to get the green Explorer uniform when he turned 14. He could stay with the troop or join a Post.
The Board Minutes of the Kiwanis Club of College Station show the club was very active with the scouts in the 60’s where they sponsored Troop 102, Post 102, Pack 102, Pack 602 and 7 Girl Scout Troops. They also provided a Scout House for the Troop. The minutes show that Luther Jones donated the Boy Scout House and land to the Club. The minutes also show that the club provided money and leadership to the Scouts. 5 
The Scoutmaster in 1970 was David M Moehring with George W. Richer and Charles Robertson, Assistant Scoutmasters. The Committee Chairman was Wm. Fred Allison and the IR was Charles Dill. 
 Ray Lehmann was the Scoutmster and Jerry Merker was the Assistant Scoutmaster in the middle to late 70’s.
Allan Jordan, the SC with the Kiwanis Club, recruited Harry Howell to be Scoutmaster in August, 1980. Harry Howell severed as Scoutmaster until April 1989.
Charles E. Magnuson followed Harry Howell as Scoutmaster in May 1989 and served until August 2000. 
Brien L. Smith became Scoutmaster in September 2000.  
Vincent B. Hughes III became Scoutmaster in July 2004. 
Troop 102 (originally Troop 1), has been a part of the College Station community for over 80 years. I am working with personnel at the Sam Houston Area Council to correct our Charter which erroneously says Troop 102 was founded in 1969, or 1970, or 1971 depending in which of later documents are used to calculate the tenure.